How to Accentuate Your Waist Even If You Don’t Have It

A correctly accentuated waist will save your look and draw attention. How can you achieve this effect? We have some fashion tips in store for any occasion. Below, you can read how to emphasize your waist, even if you don’t have one.

The almighty belts

Of course, a belt is the most obvious option to accentuate your waist. Belts of any width, texture and color can cope with this task. For example, a wide belt will help you not to get lost in a voluminous oversized sweater or jacket, and a thin belt over the dress will emphasize the waist. The most important thing is not to place such an emphasis on the already tight-fitting things: it looks irrelevant.

Volume at the bottom

A-silhouette skirts (flared and bell skirts) can do a great job: they conceal the volume of the abdomen, hide the wide hips and plump legs, and, in combination with a tight-fitting top, they improve the figure and narrow the waist perfectly well.

Wrap cut

This type of clothing has a whole bunch of advantages. Not only do jackets, dresses and blouses with a wrap cut look very elegant and comfortable to wear, they are also a real find for visual correction of a pear-like figure (when the shoulders and chest are narrower than the hips). A V-neckline creates perfect proportions, and the odor line perfectly emphasizes the waist.

Magic basque

This decor element not only visually narrows the waist, but also distracts attention from the large hips and hides the stomach. A basque can adorn a skirt, a jacket and even a dress. A basque (or even an apron), separated from other clothes, will look relevant – this, by the way, is one of the trends of spring.

High waist

High waist in skirts and trousers is insanely beautiful and feminine. Most importantly, this is a great way to hide the lack of waist! A high-waisted pencil skirt or high-waisted mom’s jeans can be combined with a short top and a voluminous sweater.

Tricky patterns

A correctly selected pattern on the dress can make you slimmer and narrow your waist significantly. For example, vertical stripes on clothes are a win-win option that even helps to visually add a few centimeters in height. Dark inserts on the sides of the dress are created to make the female figure sexy, not only disguising the excess volume in the waist, but also making the hips round. The more contrast the inserts have, the stronger the illusion effect can be.

A game of contrast

The point is that the waist should be between two tones – for visual emphasis, contrasting top and bottom are needed. The combination of colors depends on the imagination: the desired effect will be provided by white with black, peach with mint, sand with red and many, many other color options.

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