Hottest Jeans Trends of 2020

Stylists are asking to forget about your favorite skinny and ripped jeans. No matter how sad it is, there is an alternative. What jeans will be fashionable in 2020?

Mom’s jeans

This model seems to have a chance to shift the skinnies and get into almost all the wardrobes. It’s easy to distinguish Mom’s jeans due to a high waist, a voluminous cut on the hips and a slightly narrowed bottom of the legs.

When trying on, pay attention to the back pockets: they should create the correct proportions (for example, the pockets slightly slipping below the buttocks will visually make the hips flat).

Banana jeans

The last year’s trend, emphasizing feminine curves, is also relevant in 2020. Banana jeans have an oval cut and are narrowed closer to the bottom, just like Mom’s jeans. These jeans are the perfect tool if you want to adjust your figure: they make your legs smoother, your belly flatter, and your hips more feminine.

Wide jeans

If you want to look unusual in jeans, choose bold wide models (you can find them in the new collections of most brands). Length is not important: they can reach the floor or be shortened – just below the middle of the calf.

Do not be afraid to experiment with colors and feel free to choose, for example, white or pink models.

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