Hottest Footwear Trends for Fall 2020

We will tell you what trendy shoes will make your look fashionable and will last for several seasons.


You can still wear sneakers in the fall. But better not the same that you wore in the summer. For the fall season, brands release insulated and moisture-resistant models. Pay attention to the dark shades: they are trendy now, and they are not as easily soiled as the white ones.

Rough boots

Long boots on a rough platform have been in trend for the second fall in a row (so if you have already bought them, feel free to take them out). And if you want new ones, there are plenty to choose from. This season the tractor outsole is still relevant, but if you are planning to buy it for the upcoming years, choose a more classic model.

Chelsea boots

Comfortable short boots with elastic inserts can be called classics. Chelsea boots are versatile and can replace any shoe from our list because they will ideally complement an elegant look with a dress and a casual one with jeans.


A couple of seasons ago we still expected the Cossacks to go out of fashion, and now we have certainly given up. “Cowboy” boots are not going to give way in trends. And we see no reason to deny ourselves this model: they are comfortable, stylish, and it is not a problem to make an image with them – just look through the blog of any fashionista or look for inspiration on Pinterest.


As long as the weather permits, we tend to wear boots. Brogues, derbies, oxfords – whatever you choose. Models close to the classic ones are in fashion; as for the experiments, the tractor outsole (it will also save you from rains and puddles) and perforation are relevant. Wear them with trendy culottes, wide jeans, or replace uncomfortable boat shoes for going to the office.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are relevant every year, but from season to season they change their actual look. This fall we are wearing cropped ankle boots with a small block heel. It can be slanted and contrasting.

An obvious plus: such a heel is more stable and comfortable, which means that you can easily walk in ankle boots all day long. This season, the noughties are trendy again, which means square toe shoes.

Trumpet boots

One more greeting from last year and the 2000s. Trumpet boots, which women of fashion bought last fall “for the season” are relevant this year as well. Stylists suggest choosing a model with heels and replacing them with boots.