Fashion Trends 2019: Ways to Wear a Handkerchief

A handkerchief is a universal accessory that helps fashionistas from the whole world both in summer and in winter. It is not only practical but also incredibly stylish, it can raise any image to the category of interesting and desirable ones if you know how to wear it properly. explains how to masterfully wear a handkerchief and what options of the latter you should look at today.

Instead of headwear

It is easiest to tie a medium-sized square handkerchief over your head, replacing boring caps or hats. Leave the ends of the handkerchief in front, imitating the young Brigitte Bardot, or tie the accessory on the back of your head a la a work scarf, as Jackie Kennedy used to do. Today, both methods are actively promoted by the catwalks and the stars of street-style chronicles.

As a hair accessory

A small-sized handkerchief can perfectly complement your everyday hairstyle, performing the function of a rim or a hair tie. Tie a ponytail with a handkerchief, like the guests of Fashion Weeks do, or tie it over your head, hiding hair ends under the hair and creating the effect of a rim. A more provocative option is to leave the ends of the handkerchief in front and make a fancy bow, as Eva Mendez has demonstrated.

As a bracelet

Bandannas, or very small handkerchiefs, can be tied around your wrist (or ankle) as a bracelet. Combine this accessory with jeans and T-shirts to add a touch of rock and roll to the image, or combine it with sensual dresses for more romance.

As a top

In summer, a silk handkerchief can be easily transformed into a top, reminiscent of the ones that women in the 2000s loved to wear. These models were combined with low waist jeans, but today this version of the top is better to be combined with high-waist trousers. Tie a handkerchief in front, when going to the beach, or leave loose ends behind to go out in the city.

Instead of a tie

Thinner and longer handkerchiefs can be worn as a tie, like in the last Givenchy show. To create a more formal image, choose the black color and tie it around the neck. For a more relaxed version, you can take a brighter model and leave the knot at the chest level. The latest version will look good not only with shirts but also with T-shirts.

Instead of a belt and earrings

Valentino and Marine Serre Fashion Houses have found a more unexpected use for handkerchiefs. The first one suggested using silk handkerchiefs as a belt and tying coats with them, while the second one decided to thread the handkerchief into decorations, creating an unusual mono-earring. We advise you to take these stylish tricks into consideration and remember about them when gathering for an informal cocktail or dinner with friends.

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