Fashion Replica Detector Entrupy


The modern market is full of replicas. Ranging from “branded” lipsticks for $1 on Aliexpress to pacifier medications in an online pharmacy. Still, the most profitable trend in the ocean of replicas have always been women’s handbags.

Such are the “louisvuittons” sold in the markets of many countries. It is everyone’s choice whether to buy fake products consciously or not. This device will help you avoid getting mixed up in buying a very expensive fashion replica by chance.

Did you know that in a number of European countries both sellers and buyers are fined for falsifying branded things (bags, shoes, clothes etc.)? Especially if they get caught red-handed on the “crime scene”. The fine can easily reach 1000 euros. And it’s not just about violating the copyright of famous fashion houses, but also supporting criminal groups engaged in the production of counterfeit goods. After all, there are much more “replicas” than we think. For example, about 90% of Louis Vuitton bags, sold at the popular online auction eBay, are fashion replicas. Who produced them and in what conditions they were made are questions with no answers. Thus, it is also unknown how the money of a trustful buyer will be spent. We’re talking about hundreds and even thousands of dollars. An unusual Entrupy device will help you fight with counterfeits; it includes a camera that can easily distinguish a fashion replica.

Entrupy is a miniature device with a built-in camera and a chip. The chip is programmed for a number of algorithms that can recognize a fake bag from photos and videos with an accuracy of 98.5%.

You just need to slowly move the camera along the outer and inner surfaces of the bag. The device will analyze all small and often inconspicuous details, including the texture of the fabric and the elements of the logos. Based on the results obtained and their comparison with the “database”, Entrupy will draw a conclusion about the originality of the fashion item and send it directly to the user’s smartphone.

The smart camera is able to recognize different models of bags belonging to 15 of the most popular (and most often falsified) brands, including Dior, Prada, Chanel and Gucci. In future, the database will be replenished.