Elements to Consider Before Purchasing a Ring

Engagement and wedding rings are precious gifts used for a once-in-a-lifetime gestures. You finally found a partner you want to spend the rest of your life with and are determined to go on one knee for the magic words. The only way you can top this moment is by unveiling the perfect ring. There are various things to consider before purchasing an engagement ring. From size to durability, style, aesthetics and unique elements, this decision must never be taken lightly. Below are a few insights to help you make the right choice.

Know your partner’s preferences

People have unique preferences and sense of style. It is your duty to understand what your partner likes the most in the world of rings. Is it diamond, gold, platinum or ruby? What gemstone have they hinted in those sneaky wedding conversations? If you are not sure, simply ask their close friend, sister, brother or mother. You may even start a clever conversation with them to help with ideas. You can compare different types of rings at Innovato Design to get an idea on existing options. Proposing with the ideal ring is the best thing that can happen so you better make sure you understand your partner’s jewelry preference.

Find the right size

Although rings can be adjusted to perfect fit after proposal, this is no excuse to pick any size you come across. Finding out your partner’s finger size is never be an overwhelming task. All you need to do is borrow her existing rings to get it measured by a jeweler. It is worth noting that left and right finger sizes slightly vary. Nonetheless, this can be adjusted later for perfect fit.

Which gemstone?

If your partner has no unique choice of stone, it is upon you to pick the one you feel best represents your love and affection. There are various gemstones available for wedding rings. Diamond is the most popular particularly because it is the hardest compound earth offers and has a lifetime’s durability. Gold and Platinum are also very durable and only come second to diamond. They also offer a lifetime’s durability with minimal polishing every few years. Other options include sapphire and rubies. Essentially, go for gems that require minimal maintenance to maintain their original appeal. Avoid curled pearls and opals which tend to dry out and crack.

The 4 Cs (color, clarity, cut and carat)

The 4Cs are your assessment tool when determining the worth and value of precious stones such as diamond. This system is used to judge the standard of diamond from the most precious (D flawless) to VVS 1 and VVS2. Prices also vary greatly so it is important to compare different stones and their value before making a purchase.

Certificate and special notes

Precious stones like diamond usually come with certification and important notes that specify various elements including weight, clarity, color, cut, polish and proportions, stone setting and construction, prongs and durability. This information is crucial for maintaining, polishing and preserving your precious gem. Make sure the certificate accurately describes your ring and all its components.

Buying a ring is all about getting the best stone your budget can afford. It does not have to be the most expensive top-rated diamond. All you need is something your partner will appreciate. Nonetheless, it does not hurt to stretch yourself a little bit considering this is probably one of the best moments in your life. Make sure you compare different options before making the final decision. More importantly, find a ring you are certain your partner will love wearing. It should be durable, exquisite and the proper size.