Donna Karan Resort 2013

“If you play long enough with a napkin, you will get a dress” – that is the secret of inspiration for a new cruise collection by the American designer Donna Karan, presented in New York last weekend.

Donna Karan Restort 2013

However, Karan herself avoids using the term “cruise”, and it is quite understandable because the new Donna Karan Restort-2013 collection is not for those, who go on vacation, in fact.

The palette, which has defined the collection, includes practical and discreet shades of gray, bright contrasting combinations of black and white, rare flashes of juicy shades of fuchsia that are even more noticeable against the general background. It proves once again that the cruise wardrobe from Donna Karan is actually purely urbanistic. The collection itself is not inspired by exotic countries and tropical prints, and the subject of it is simple – plain paper towels.

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