Clothing Items to Avoid in Offices

If you are dreaming of a promotion, you not only need to fulfill your duties ideally, be on good terms with the management, but also dress correctly in the office. Even a single mistake in the form of an incorrectly chosen outfit can change the attitude of colleagues and superiors and present you as a frivolous person. So, what clothes should be avoided in offices if you want to move up the career ladder with leaps and bounds?

1. Ripped jeans

Now, there is a very small number of companies whose employees adhere to the official style and wear strict suits. In many offices, workers are allowed to wear jeans with a jacket and shirt, thereby harmoniously combining business and street style. If you are an avid fan of casual style, try to select the clothes for work more carefully.

Ripped and faded jeans should be left for the cinema, café or walking around the city, but not for work. Your superiors will immediately regret their decision to introduce more informal clothes as soon as they see you in such an attire. For office, buy classic jeans in black, navy or blue. As for the model, it is advisable to avoid low-waist options because you will feel uncomfortable when sitting.

2. Tops and dresses with an open back

In summer, girls begin to think about wearing light dresses at work not to feel too hot. But there is a very fine line here. Such clothes should not have an open back and be extremely short. Even a tightly closed neckline will not be a good excuse if you come to the office in an indecently short dress.

As for tops, this is not a particularly good option for work. Naked belly and back, as well as bra straps peeking out from under the dress, will not help you. Most likely, you will have to ask your colleagues for a jacket to cover your shoulders and back. In addition, remember that in most offices there are air conditioners, and if you come in an open outfit, you risk catching a cold. To avoid such consequences, wear a light cardigan over the top or dress.

3. Flip flops and sandals

Even if you bought sandals in Italy and they are made of genuine leather, do not wear them in the office. Such shoes are more suitable for meeting with friends rather than for going to work. It is best to opt for models with a closed heel and toe. If you are afraid that you will be hot, buy sneakers or shoes from the materials which can help your skin breathe. There is another option – to come to work in flip-flops or open sandals and then change them to shoes that are more suitable for the office.

4. Sundresses and tops with silicone straps

If you want to avoid embarrassing situations at work, do not wear sundresses and tops over a bra with silicone straps. Let us give a simple example: you are talking with your business partners on Skype, and only the upper part of your body is visible on the screen. What will colleagues think about it when seeing such a picture? That you forgot to put on a blouse? No matter how informal the atmosphere at your place of work is, remember that you must always look neat and professional not to shock other employees with your appearance.

5. Too tight clothes

In winter, you gained a few extra pounds and did not have time to lose weight for the summer? Well, you will have to update your wardrobe because the blouses which looked perfect on you last year are now fitting the figure too tightly. Even if it is hard to part with your favorite clothes, you should focus on your comfort and the impression you make on your colleagues and management. It is hardly possible to avoid ridicule if you come to the office in a dress that literally falls apart. The sides and belly, sticking out from under the trousers, will not add you beauty and charm either. In addition, tight clothing will restrain your movements, and you will feel uncomfortable.

6. Clothing that draws attention

Choosing an outfit for the office in the store, remember the golden rule: if any clothes attract your attention too much, it means that they will catch the eye of everyone around. Therefore, abandon too bright items of clothing, mini-skirts, blouses with a very deep neckline, and short denim shorts immediately. You should look beautiful and impressive, so that you can resemble a professional rather than a girl who is going to the club for a party.

7. Thin leggings

Wearing thin leggings with a short sweater to work means constantly attracting men’s interested stares. Firstly, it will prevent the work process, and, secondly, it will confuse you. Even if you plan to go to the gym after work, do not be lazy to put training clothes in your bag, and not to put them on yourself. The only option when leggings can be worn to work is with a skirt, tunic, or a shirt dress. But even in this case, one should approach the choice of an attire very carefully not to look obscene.

8. Running shoes

A combination of sneakers and business suits has been actively coming into fashion these days. Why not? It is comfortable, stylish, and interesting. But remember that not all sports shoes can complement your office look. For work, buy classic products in a neutral color. The models of bright colors with a studded sole should be left for jogging and classes in the gym. In the office, they will look ridiculous, and your colleagues will ask you more than once why you have not changed the shoes after your morning workout.

9. Too wide clothes

A few points above, we mentioned that tight clothes will play a cruel joke with you and create an unpresentable appearance. The same can be said about too wide wardrobe items. Even if you are trying to hide the flaws of the figure or décolleté, you don’t need to wear sweaters and stretched cardigans. Colleagues may think that you are old-fashioned and untidy, and your self-esteem is poor. Try to pick up classic clothes that will emphasize your dignity and will not look as if they were taken off from someone else.

10. Dresses in lingerie style

Such outfits are now at the peak of popularity. But this does not mean that the management will appreciate if you come to the office in a lingerie-style dress. Such clothes create the feeling that you just woke up and immediately went to work, forgetting to change the clothes. If you do not want to try on the role of an office jester, avoid such clothing items.

11. Clothes that violate company policy

After you get a new job, be sure to ask if there is a dress code in the company. If you do not do it, you risk losing your job immediately after you receive it because your outfit may violate the rules and traditions of the company.

12. Party clothes, piercings, tattoos

Open the closet and take all the things you could wear to a nightclub. Got them? Now, put them in a distant box because such outfits are unacceptable for office work. Short dresses, tops that expose your belly, and sweaters with a low neckline should be left at home for meetings with friends. By the way, if you have piercings and tattoos, try using clothes to hide them from prying eyes.

13. Clothing that stands out from the general style

The company may not have a strict dress code, but you should agree with your colleagues on common elements of clothing to support the corporate spirit. Perhaps these will be jackets, jeans or shirts of the same color. Choose those items of clothing that everyone has – so you can feel like a part of one team. After the choice is made, try not to disturb the office culture and dress as you promised your colleagues. You will avoid offensive comments and will not look like a black sheep.

14. Things with offensive inscriptions

Clothes with offensive inscriptions, even if they are in another language, cannot be present in your “office wardrobe”.

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