Best Winter Dresses to Wear Every Day

It is clear that you want to warm yourself in the coldest season. At the same time, if you want to look feminine and stylish, do not overlook the dresses in the store! What winter dresses are most convenient to wear every day?

Long sleeve shirt dresses

Shirt dresses gained popularity in 2019. Many people attribute this fact to Meghan Markle. This model is really one of the most convenient and versatile. In winter, you can wear such a dress with a sweater or a long cardigan, but it will also be relevant in spring and cool summer.

Knitted midi dresses

Knee-high dresses are popular every winter because they are warm and feminine. This year, it is better to buy a thing 1-2 sizes larger so that the dress does not emphasize all the imperfections of the figure.

Short knitted dresses

Winter is not the reason to wrap yourself in several layers of shapeless clothes. It is quite possible to afford a knitted dress with a short skirt (most importantly, do not forget about the tights).

Vintage dresses

Light summer dresses are one of the main (and sudden) trends of this winter. We suggest wearing longer models without taking risks. In winter, wear them with leggings and warm tights, and in summer – with sandals.

Elegant dresses

A turtleneck dress with a long skirt can very well replace jeans with a sweater – it is also universal. Choose light beige shades since they will survive more washes.

Extra-long sweaters

Sometimes you want to completely relax and wrap yourself in a warm plaid, which can be replaced by a voluminous sweater dress. Wear it with any shoes, and if you want femininity, add a belt to the waist.

Wide golf sweaters

This is an ideal model for fans of oversize, comfort and warmth. If you are afraid of making the image too boring, get more accessories – for example, stylish boots, a wide belt, a cap or jewelry.

With a belt

A model with an interesting belt can be an alternative to knitted golf sweaters. It emphasizes the waist, and the image does not require extra accessories.

Velvet dresses

Again, this mini option can be remembered in the summer. The most important thing is to properly insulate yourself: a turtleneck or a tight shirt is ideal for this model.

Faux leather

Another important winter 2020 trend is leather total looks. If you are shy, start with a sundress – the model can be worn on a turtleneck or a T-shirt. Without additional items, the dress can turn into an evening gown and contour the shoulders and chest to advantage.

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