8 Places & Events You Should Never Wear Jeans

Jeans have long become a universal thing that unites the wardrobe of men and women, children, and adults, rich and not very rich individuals. Convenient, simple, easy to combine – what else is needed? Still, no matter how much we love the model that is so sweet to the heart and emphasizes the figure contours so well, jeans are not always good. For example, when visiting places from this list, it is better to wear something else. Otherwise, you can easily be accused of ignorance and even rudeness.

Indeed, many of us literally do not take off those beloved and comfortable jeans. But everything has its proper place. So, when you visit the following events, jeans will be completely out of place even with the vague rules of modern etiquette.

1. Wedding

Perhaps you are invited to share the happiest day in the life of future spouses. The simplest thing you can do for them is not to spoil the elegant photos with your frivolous denim look.

What to wear instead: a suit or trousers made from suit fabric for a gentleman and an elegant cocktail dress for a lady.

2. Funeral

It is the exact opposite of the previous event, but it still requires respect from you. Jeans are out of place here.

What to wear instead: black or dark pants, a black dress of simple design.

3. Children’s baptism and other ritual/religious events

We believe that explanations are superfluous in this case, but still, you should remember that appearing in temple structures in an extremely “secular” attire is not the best idea. Especially if it comes to women and jeans. After all, you’re going to visit someone’s holiday, right?

What to wear instead: a neat suit and an elegant light dress of the knee-length will be a good choice.

4. A job interview

You want to get a job, right? Then it is important to make a good business impression. The detail that can easily destroy it straight from the doorstep is the jeans. Especially, ripped and distressed jeans, tight or lavishly decorated jeans. Despite the business dress code, there are exceptions to any rule. For example, trying to get a position in a start-up or an office, connected with the creative activity, your casual or original creative image may be quite appropriate.

What to wear instead: a stylish suit and a classic combination of “pants + blouse/shirt” (for a lady) are always appropriate. The main thing is that the clothes are neat, just like your hair and makeup.

5. Important business presentation

Even if jeans and a sweatshirt are quite acceptable as a daily dress code in your office, it is better to look a little more restrained and business-like at the presentation. After all, your task is to bring the idea to listeners. And it will be much easier to do this if they are not distracted by your casual clothes.

What to wear instead: the same clothes as for the job interview. By the way, despite a strict female outfit, bright lipstick can be quite appropriate. This psychological trick helps to keep the listener’s attention.

6. Acquaintance with his/her parents

You need to make a good impression. The goal is the same, and it explains the reason for the irrelevance of jeans. Besides, the older generation can find jeans “somehow frivolous.” This “frivolity” can be projected onto your personality and intent.

What to wear instead: a tuxedo and a bow tie or a “modest” dress to the floor are clearly too much. Instead, you should dress simply, but with a demonstration of good taste: parents of the future soulmate want to see you rather than your outfit. For men, trousers and a polo will look appropriate.

7. Theater or opera

Jeans? This is an event and an excellent occasion to wear clothes that you cannot put on every day. Use this chance.

8. Court hearing

The event is unlikely to be associated with a pleasant occasion, and it is important to show restraint and respect for the judicial system. Just try to look “trustworthy”.

What to wear instead: reserved neutral colors (preferably gray, black, white and dark blue). As for women, nothing should emphasize the figure purposely. The hair should better be collected, and the makeup should stick to the nude color palette.

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