7 Trendiest Clothes Colors Fall-Winter 2016

Fashion trends are changing so fast that it is sometimes easy to get lost in the variety of new products and trends.


Geniusbeauty.com will help you in this delicate matter – we picked the 7 most fashionable colors in the fall-winter season 2016. Feel free to choose clothing of bright colors – you will definitely be admired.

Dark blue-green


Dark blue-green and its shades – from emerald to turquoise – are certainly the main colors of the fall-winter season 2016. These noble, expensive, luxurious colors cannot but please any fashionista. Choose heavy, flowing fabrics to emphasize the depth of the color.

Pearl pink


Powdery pale pink is the embodiment of femininity. Combine it with white, maroon, black or dark green. Choosing clothes of that color, you will emphasize your elegance.

Aristocratic blue


The luxurious dark blue looks particularly advantageous in fur, leather and suede clothes. You cannot go wrong if you choose a demi-season coat or a sheepskin coat of this color. It goes best with white, orange and black.



This shade has various names: marsala, wine, burgundy. It should be noted that this color is universal. You’ll look great wearing it in the office or on a romantic date.

All shades of orange


Perhaps it is no exaggeration to say that orange and all its numerous shades – from orange-fruit to amber – are the must-have colors this season. Combine orange with black, white and creamy, and you will be irresistible this fall.

Purple and magenta


Purple is gradually coming out of fashion this year. However, do not completely neglect this color – combine it with other fashionable shades (eg, dark blue) or choose purple accessories (handbags, scarves, hats).

Royal dark-blue


Royal blue and shades of electric and ultramarine are in the height of fashion this season. The bright, tenacious, slightly sarcastic colors attract attention. It is simply impossible to go past a girl in the coat of this color.

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