7 Tips for an Elegant Woman

Any woman would be pleased to hear that she is elegant. How to become elegant?


  1. Most importantly, an elegant woman must be well-groomed and neat. Invest in yourself, it is perfectly visible from the outside and enhances self-esteem.
  2. Mind the posture, do not slouch, the back should always be straight.
  3. Your gait is your calling card. With proper gait, you move only your legs, but not your head, hips or hands. It looks strange when a woman is walking actively waving her arms and wagging her thighs.
  4. Gestures should be restrained, and not sweeping. If you agree, nod slightly. The same applies to hand gestures: a calm wave of the hand is better than that of the entire arm.
  5. Makeup should be neutral, not vulgar or provocative. An elegant woman will not attract the attention of others with too bright makeup.
  6. An elegant woman’s appearance should match her age and specific event.
  7. Do not combine more than three colors in one image. It seems to be the classic rule, but so true today, when people are trying to reconcile the irreconcilable.
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