7 Must-Have Warm Fashion Items for Any Woman

Let’s have our cake and eat it too sounds like keeping warm and looking fashionable. What clothes should any fashionista own this winter?


It is the most popular winter item of clothes, which should find its place in each closet. Baggy designs that keep the shape are a must this year. By the way, they can keep your warm as well, if you choose the “right” natural composition.


An elegant but not warm enough jacket can be replaced with a cardigan. Thin shortened designs have long been out of fashion, baggy cozy plaid-like cardigans, on the other hand, are gaining popularity. You can combine it with almost anything – from jeans and leggings to feminine dresses.

Flat boots

You should not deny yourself beautiful feminine shoes even in winter. Sometimes you can go out in steady-heeled boots, but for everyday use it is better to find a comfortable heelless pair of boots. Pay attention to a bit clunky designs – for example, to lug soles: they will bear ice and dirt. “Vienna heel” (so-called tight heel) is also suitable.


If you want to look feminine and not to hide the figure under a baggy sweater, choose a turtleneck. The most crucial thing to look at when buying is the fabric composition. Сhoose those which contain 50 and more percent of wool (cotton, silk or viscose can complement the composition well). Also pay attention to how a turtleneck fits you – for example, if it squeezes your throat.

Wool trousers

Trousers can add solemnity to the look and save the outfit if you`d like to get dressed comfortably and fit in with the business dress code. If you want to buy something for several seasons, choose straight trousers with tucks – they will be trendy not only this winter.

Midi skirt

In winter you can also wear a skirt, the main point is to choose the right length and warm yourself with cashmere tights (with an unusual pattern). For a few seasons in a row, the knee-length A-silhouette has remained topical.

Plain jeans

It is the most popular closet item. The most important thing is to buy a pair without unnecessary decorations. Ripped jeans (which, by the way, have already become an anti-trend) with tights or without them look especially inappropriate in winter. We advise you to buy a pair of straight jeans – they will last for more than one year.

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