5 Must-Have Clothing Items for a Curvy Woman

Can Kim Kardashian envy the shape and size of your butt? Of course! The only problem is that not all clothes will suit you. Some of them will make your figure look plump. Fortunately, there are clothes that will emphasize your feminine forms and will not add extra kilos visually.

Dark jeans

There is no way to manage without jeans in the wardrobe, but it’s important to find the perfect model. Girls with wide hips are recommended to pay attention to dark tight and form-keeping jeans. It can be a straight or slightly flared model with a classic fit.

A-line skirt

Choose a length just below the knee. Such a skirt will emphasize the waist line and feminine bends, and at the same time will not make the lower body too heavy. You can complement this skirt with a turtleneck or a voluminous sweater.

An extra-long jacket or vest

These things will help visually stretch the silhouette and add the right verticals. Pay attention to the material: it must be dense. For example, tweed (and by no means fur, if we are talking about a vest).

A dress with a loose bottom

To emphasize the curves without any extremes, stylists advise choosing a flared dress. If this is a mini, choose the trapezoid form. And if the length is below the knee, choose models with a flared skirt to maintain the correct proportions.

Source of the image: Pinkclove.co.uk

Do not be afraid of a deep neckline and open your neck and shoulders.

A blouse with draperies, bows or interesting sleeves

A feminine blouse is another way to create the right proportions and to be in the trend. Such models are fashionable today. Pay attention to blouses with Victorian collars, lantern sleeves, voluminous bows, and draperies.

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