19 No-Go Outfit Ideas for a Wedding

You don’t want to look outstandingly weird at a wedding – that’s why there are dress codes, to give you guidelines and avoid looking dashed freaky. Nevertheless, people go on making mistakes and turning up in outfits that are definitely overboard. Take our advice and avoid feeling foolish when everybody is celebrating. Now, what is it better to forgo?

A white dress


True, the bride looks ravishing in white, but what about you? Do you want to vie with her for the importance of the day? What about choosing a different color dress so that other guests wouldn’t confuse you with the leading lady.

A mini that is too mini


If you are currently single and are rather inclined to the idea of staying around the crowd of groom’s friends, you may go searching for your tiniest dress. Stop and think – there’s no real reason why you should wear only a small piece of fabric.

A clinging dress


There are dresses that are designed so that all the people around you can see every tiniest crevice of your body and the outline of your lingerie. They are good for some occasions, but a wedding? Think again.

A tight extremely mini white dress


That could end with some of the guests choking on their cocktails at the sight of you in that ghostly horror. Hardly the effect you counted upon.

Clothes open at the back to show your bra


This idea doesn’t sound very grown-up, and it hands out temptation to younger and playful groomsmen with whom you may want to hit the dance floor. Why not turn up dressed a little bit more discreetly?

Thick layers of makeup clown-fashion


Adding heavy theatre touches to the wedding is not the best idea; besides, it may look as if you were vying for undue attention.

A really outlandish loud print seemingly straight for the stage


If you chose to look like you will be shortly stepping on the stage to lend a spark to the proceedings, the guests may be asking yourselves whether you are an entertainer, and start inquiring when your number comes up.

Turning up at the country club wedding in a club outfit


Your wedding invitation includes the expression “country club” all right, but that mustn’t be taken as a suggestion to don your best backless dress with strings in the right places. Please make a more sensible choice and don’t go pretending it’s club time.

A super low neck & bra-less outfit


A marvelous idea for displaying your curves, but – not for a wedding. Better tuck your boobs in, they will get noticed all the same without your claiming attention.



Wearing jeans can be easily interpreted as if you regarded the wedding as an everyday occasion and didn’t bother to dress up. It has no chance of going down well at all.

An outfit showing your belly button


Maybe the wedding will be taking place by a pool? In this case you’re proper from head to foot. But if not, lay the idea off until a better time.

A see-through dress allowing your thong to be seen


Hey, were you the inspiration behind that Sisqo hit? Never let anyone forget about it, no. Even if quite a lot of guests may object to witnessing the fact.

A chain wallet


Too conspicuous for no good reason, don’t you think so?

A dress with sparkles


Such an attire will give you away: you want to outshine every other girl at the reception, right? What about letting other people who have more right to it step in the limelight tonight?

A shirt with short sleeves


Is the day too hot? You feel the girls have great chances to avoid perspiring in their flimsy cocktail things, while you have to sweat it out in suits and shirts. So you opt for short sleeves that will take some of the heat off – or you hope so. But weight the possibility of appearing a bit funny or escaping the worst of the sweat and make the right decision!

A sweatshirt with a hood


You will have to think hard to imagine an occasion when it will look dressy. A wedding certainly isn’t one.

Unrelieved black outfit


Now what do you mean by that? Do you want to impress someone with your attitude to the event? What else could that funereal outfit be fine for?

Shirts and tops bristling with images


Monsters, lions, leering devils will heat up the proceedings and will definitely liven up the dull range of posh dresses and suits… In your opinion. Whose else?

Pants that are boxers – or boxers that are pants


May look too clownish, first. Apt to loosen up on the dancing floor, second. Arguably good for some risqué effect, you need to choose appropriate undies. On second thoughts, better not.

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