10 Hottest Fashion Items for Spring 2020

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to think about what and how we will be wearing in spring 2020! Some of these things are already in your wardrobe. Read to find out what you are missing in order to look trendy this spring!

White running shoes

Fact: spring comes a little faster, if a new pair of white sneakers is waiting for you in the closet! Every year, stylists try to diversify our wardrobe and suggest choosing interesting colors (for example, black sneakers were trendy two years ago, whereas last spring we wore gasoline sneakers). White has become a classic that suits everything.

Dresses with a floral pattern

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”- the main character of “The Devil Wears Prada” sighed. In general, she was right: there is nothing new in the idea, but it can hardly make you bloom. This spring, we propose to become a lady in red and purchase a dress with a small floral print, which has already become trendy.

A very tight shirt

Now, this is original – stylists suggest putting leather jackets and jeans aside and replacing them with tight shirts. We advise you to choose an oversize leather model (natural or artificial – it’s up to you). If you don’t like it, take a look at velveteen or mixed fabrics.

Joggers with pockets on the knees

The joggers trend originates from Kim Kardashian. A year ago, we used to wear them only for sports, but this spring one can think of a look with such trousers for every day. Combine them with sneakers or rough boots, a crop top, a T-shirt, or a turtleneck.

Knitted suit

If you have not bought one of the main trends of this winter – a knitted suit, it is not too late: it will be worn at least until the fall.

Oversize blazer

In the spring, we welcome another wave of fashion for costumes. A jacket should be in every wardrobe. Choose elongated oversize models with shoulder pads. If you are afraid of making the silhouette too rectangular, add a belt to the waist.

Fluffy cardigans

If you are tired of the trend for elongated things, pay attention to shortened cardigans. It is important to maintain the size: the cardigan must be tightly knitted.

A loose dress

Replace comfortable jeans with a dress. Loose models will remain trendy next season. This model can be combined with white sneakers or fashionable Cossack shoes.

A shirt with abstract prints

A neutral shirt with a print you want to look on can replace boring office blouses or universal and conventional T-shirts. Wear it loose or tuck it into jeans asymmetrically.

A midi skirt

Take a look at the feminine models of midi skirts. For example, several trends are combined in this one – it is made of leather (artificial leather makes the price affordable), supplemented with a belt, and pleating has remained relevant for about three years in a row. A skirt is useful, if you need to go to a party right after the office and there’s absolutely no time to change the outfit.

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