How to Stop Overeating

The discovery made by the scientists from the U.S. can help those who are fighting for a slimmer figure. These doctors found out how people can get rid of the harmful tendency to overeat, which leads to gaining extra pounds. The method is quite unusual, but it is easily accessible.


Why Do People Overeat?

It is no secret that many people have the habit of regularly eating more than their body actually needs. It is often associated with constant stress and emotions. There is even a pattern: the more people are worried and nervous, the more often they try to “calm” themselves by eating some high-calorie delicacies.

Noise Makes People Eat More

Psychologists from the University of Pennsylvania have found a peculiar way to overcome the tendency to eat stress down. According to them, people just need to keep quiet more often.

Many do not realize that they live in an environment of constant noise; they have just got used to it. Getting used to it does not mean that the body (nervous system, the brain) does not responding to stimuli. The experts believe that steady background noise and stress in the environment may be important factors that provoke people’s overeating.

Job Noise & Overeating


This point of view is based on the results of a study led by Dr. Laura Klein. According to her, women who have to work hard in a noisy environment (e.g., hearing the keyboard noise and phone calls), regularly consume 65-70 grams more fatty food more than their colleagues, who work in a relaxed atmosphere.

In order to neutralize the harm of staying in a noisy office, Laura Klein advises to organize “silent breaks” after work and stay in a relaxed atmosphere without any noise for some time. According to the expert, such pauses promote psychological relief and help get rid of stress and the insatiable desire to swallow sandwiches, pastries and sweets.

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