Intense Workouts Burn Fat Faster

Intense workouts burn fat faster than aerobic exercises, according to Canadian and Brazilian scientists.  Canadian scientists found that despite widespread belief that fats burn down only when the intensity of a workout is 65 percent of the maximum because above that level carbohydrates begin to be consumed, it is as equally healthy to do intense workouts.


That’s because fats start burning down during recovery, and at faster pace. In addition, during the workout even more calories are burned. A new study confirmed the finding with quantitative values. In the experiment, those who preferred intense workouts lost weight at faster pace.

The same results were obtained by Brazilian scientists. They observed a group of army recruits who used a bike machine for their cardio training for 14 days. The volunteers reduced their body fat from 27.5 percent to 22.5 percent, compared to their peers who did moderate training to no body fat loss.

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