How to Lose Weight if You Have a Desk Job

If you go to work every day to sit down at your desk and spend hours on end in this fashion – whether you are studying, dealing with your database of clients or running your own brisk business – you run a high risk of reaping what you are sowing, and that might mean excessive weight, cardiovascular disorders, type II diabetes, and, eventually, dying before your time. But long before you die you will be sporting a very prominent stomach.

If you are serious about your job, you are bound to get down to using your brain and your fingers to their full capacity – and nothing else. Freezing your body to almost complete immobility while feeding it with snacks is no great way to maintaining a slim waistline; and if you are burdened with heavy responsibility, your snacking may be more plentiful and enthusiastic. The fluorescent lights add a gloomy touch to the picture.

Of course, you would want to get things under control despite the sedentary character of your work. Since work, study, movies and other spheres of your life could constitute a drag on your activity, you will need to set certain rules and acquire certain habits to keep in touch with the demands of your health.

1. Make half an hour of exercising a strict rule

Run a careful eye over your schedule and locate the spot where you can insert half an hour of active workout every working day. It’s your health on stake, so if you have something you could sacrifice (like checking up on your Facebook or watching videos) – do it. You haven’t got the heart for it? All right, run your favorite series on Netflix and work out while watching.

2. Get a little colder

Since our body burns energy to maintain bodily warmth, if you manipulate your thermostat to lower the ambient temperature, you will be using calories and draw on the fat stores. Scientists who study diabetes aver that colder surroundings could increase efficacious use of our brown fat layers.

3. Get rid of the chair

Instead of putting on weight due to the sedentary job, try to whittle away your waistline even if by methods not quite conventional. Consider purchasing a stability ball and sitting down on pushing your chair aside. You will feel the difference immediately because your back and legs will begin to work using up calories. This kind of seat may not be quite usual for an office, but it can burn up to 100 calories during your working day – and that comes up to 8 and a half pounds through the year! If you find it onerous at the start, begin with an hour a day.

4. Steer clear of the vending machine

The stuff in the office vending machine is often not healthy. Come to work with your own snacks and stock them in your desk, preferably nuts, dried fruit, butter-free corn, and green tea. No hunger and no extra calories from devouring chips uncontrollably!

5. Make good use of the staircase

Coming up, pass the elevator by and go negotiate the stairs. You can make a decent gym out of the staircase, climbing up and coming down a few times for about 10 minutes (or more if you feel up to it). Then do it one more time, sit down at your desk and feel the difference.

6. Drink water regularly

Getting small drinks of water on a regular basis can keep your brain clear, add to your energy and help get rid of unwanted calories. Having office water dispensers will ensure you get the right amount of water that’s needed. Besides, at intervals, you will have to take a break, stand up and go answer the call of nature even if you are up to your ears at work. Also, you won’t get so hungry for a snack as it happens after sitting at your desk – snacking is often caused by the desire to move about.

7. Help yourself along with reminders

If you rely only on your inner resolve, it may wane at times. You can easily keep it up strong by receiving regular messages reminding of the importance of sticking to your low-calorie budget and other motivational texts indicating healthy meal possibilities for tea breaks. Then, you can set your phone to give you messages or rings at intervals. Should you chance to have a coworker nearby who is also into dieting, remind each other of the simple rules of everyday slimming; your team could stand up against free-donut-Fridays with more determination.

8. Stand up from time to time

According to studies, if you do your tasks standing and not sitting, you get rid of 9 calories each hour. Too little to take into account? Probably it is, but you will also benefit through balancing your blood-sugar level, and that is conducive to dropping weight too.

9. Do small tone-up tricks time and time again

A job that requires sitting at desks doesn’t mean you have to lead a sedentary life. You can burn calories gradually by moving around at intervals – stretching out whenever you make a pause; crossing arms across the torso taking it as far as it can go and doing it with the other arm too; raise your arms up high and bend your body to the sides. Don’t go forgetting the legs – take a ball and squeeze it between calves, knees, and thighs. Tap your toes, raise them, move them inside and outside, raise calves.

10. Set priorities

So, it’s a good idea just to stand up and take a walk around your office from time to time or leave the studying desk for half an hour and do some stretching exercises or even go for a run. If you work you most probably still have some free time in the evenings you could spend actively, but if you’re a student, sometimes you have no spare time because all you do is writing essays and studying without even having the chance to take care of your health and weight. Some students even consider opting for an essay writing service to get some break – and sometimes it’s a really good option.

The more you study, the more you know and the better prepared you are for an exam. But are they anyways to spend less time studying and still stay effective? Learning in a group, dividing the material into parts and presenting yours to your colleagues while listening to theirs is also a great idea to save some time, finally, stand up from the desk and start maintaining a healthy weight. All you need to do is to set priorities and have a plan – then no matter if you study or work seated, you will get the time for physical exercises.

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