Healthy Snacks Between Meals

You have already heard about the benefits of fractional eating. What is its benefit for those who have decided to lose weight?


  • It speeds up your metabolism, which means that calories are burnt faster and your body gradually turns into a fat burning machine.
  • It makes slimming comfortable.
  • It is beneficial for the gastro-intestinal tract.

Healthy snacking is simple. Have a snack at least 2 times between the meals. However, you snacking should be correct.

The first thing to do, if you have decided to lose weight and stop overeating, is monitoring what, when and how you eat during the day. You can have a special diary. In the evening, look through it, and it will become clear why you gain weight.

It’s very simple! You may not notice how much you have eaten during the day. For example, you ate a donut with a cup of tea. Somebody treated you with a biscuit or a sweet at work. Do not blame yourself for it; it is a perfectly natural behavior. Just choose the right snacks consciously.

The Reason for Overeating

When do you usually want to eat? When bored and when hungry. In fact, most nutritionists advise to eat only when you feel hungry. They advise to find something interesting to do, something that you enjoy doing. It is a great tip. It gives great results, but has one drawback – you can not always do something that you like, and plain laziness may prevent you from it. It is easier to go and eat something delicious.

It does not matter. Choose the right snacks and everything will be fine – no guilt, no extra pounds. Here are some examples.
Slice 1 banana and pour some classic sugar-free yogurt over. By the way, for those who like snacking with fruit: if the fruit is cut and put on a small plate, it would seem a bigger portion. A sliced ​​fruit looks bigger than a whole one for the eye. So the brain gets a signal that there is enough food, and there is no need to accumulate fat.
Spread half a teaspoon of honey or jam over a thin slice of bread or grain loaf (without any additives). You can possibly spread vegetables, such as zucchini.
Spread some cottage cheese or put a thin piece of low-fat feta cheese on the bread and sprinkle with dill.

  • 3-4 dates or 2 figs are perfect healthy snacks.
  • A cup of yogurt.
  • Take 2-5 % fat cottage cheese. Add honey, dried fruit or frozen berries.

Foods you should not snack with:

  • sweets and cookies
  • chocolate bars – there’s a lot of sugar and fat in them
  • chips – they contain lots of trans fats, which are carcinogenic
  • cakes
  • pies and pizzas
  • hotdogs, doner and stuff.
  • sweet drinking yogurts.

The best time for snacking:

  • 2-3 hours after breakfast. That is, if you had breakfast at 7, then a snack should be at 9-10.
  • 2-3 hours after lunch or 2-3 hours before dinner.

Generally, the time between the meals should not exceed 4 hours. Then your body will know that everything is fine with the food, so it can expend calories freely. Your metabolism improves mood, too, because you are full and satisfied.

Healthy Snacking Rules

Now let’s summarize.

  • Not to overeat at dinner and gulp down everything from the table, do not let yourself be hungry.
  • Monitor when and what you usually snack with. You need to consider everything – even one cookie or a sweet.
  • Looking through the diary, plan new snacks – healthy and tasty.
  • Look forward to the idea of gaining a slender body and it will turn out very easy to do.
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