Enjoy Dieting With These Tips

Allowing yourself ‘treats’ when on a weight loss programme is an important part of staying motivated to continue. While it is true that cutting out pasta and bread can help you go down a dress size in a year, if these are favourite foods of yours, it is wise to still eat them on occasion.
Dropping weight
Perhaps smaller portions and less frequently, but still eat them. Similarly, if you go out and choose to have, say, an amaretto liqueur after dinner, even at 194 calories a serving, enjoying one is fine. Do not, however, ‘punish’ yourself with over exercising the next day. This is a common reason why some people hate exercise. They see it as an unpleasant activity that has nothing to do with joy. Exercise is an essential part of being fit, losing weight and generally maintaining good health, so it’s helpful to spotlight the positives. Focus on how much more energy you will have, how healthy and energised you will look, how good you will feel and you’ll find the determination to keep going with the exercise for positive reasons.

The fact that you can then plan more well-earned ‘treats’ to celebrate your success, is a happy bonus. The good news is that there are now many tasty, enjoyable and healthy food options which you can include in your weight loss programme than ever before. As well as the healthy low fat and low-calorie ‘slimline’ food options, there are also weight loss specific products like Maxitone’s Low GI Sculptress range. They don’t just offer hey don’t just offer diet pills, but also have snack bars and shakes. With options that include a chocolate delight flavour high protein shake and a caramel crunch flavour meal replacement bar, they have the feel of ‘treats’. This is a good thing, as the more you enjoy the foods that help, the quicker you will reach your weight loss, body tone and fitness goals.

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