Cold Food Impairs Metabolism and Promotes Obesity

Ice CreamAs early as in the 60’s Russian doctors discovered that the time food stays in our stomach depends on its temperature. Warm food is digested within 2-3 hours, meaning proteins are fully broken down into amino acids. Cold food leaves the stomach faster, resulting in incomplete digestion. But does it mean you should never eat ice-cream or have iced drinks?

What Happens, When You Eat Cold Food

When undigested proteins reach our small intestine for absorption, they cannot be absorbed. What’s more, bacteria responsible for the break down of carbohydrates are replaced by those “living” in meat and other sources of animal proteins. It leads to dysbacteriosis, impaired metabolism and different diseases including obesity.

Why Fast Food Habits Are Dangerous

Of course, it will do you no harm if you enjoy ice-cream, cold milkshakes or jellied meat once in a while. Fast food diet, however, with hamburgers and cold cokes, may have unhealthy implications. First, fast food is not nutritionally well-balanced. We get plenty of carbohydrates and fats from junk food. Drinking iced beverages excites our appetite, so we want to have another snack. Americans have already learned their fast-food lesson.

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