6 Everyday Foods Making You Gain Weight

Our diet contains conventional foods that are eaten “traditionally”. Their taste is familiar to us from childhood, and they used to be placed on the table by our mothers and grandmothers. According to nutritionists, some of these products are dangerous precisely because of their habitual eating – people just do not think whether they are beneficial or harmful. The process of consumption leads to the fact that people do not even notice when they add a few hundred of unnecessary calories in their diet.


1. Coffee

Coffee itself contains virtually no calories. Moreover, the drink has many remarkable properties for the organism. However, various flavorings can turn an innocent morning drink into a hazardous product. Have you ever wondered how much cream and sugar your usual cup of coffee contains? The drinks, offered by coffee shops, sometimes contain half of the daily calories for an adult person (one large glass).

2. Pork

Someone thinks that pork is lean meat, and someone believes it is quite the contrary. In fact, both sides are right; it depends on which part of the pig the piece is cut from. Sirloin and filet are usually low-fat, but any lean meat can be easily spoiled if prepared improperly. If you add sauce or cheese to the pork, you can say farewell to your slim waist!

3. Soups

Soups are often recommended as a component of dietary intake. However, this is true only of certain soups. Traditional homemade soups usually contain large amounts of calories and fat – when eating them, you should not think that you stick to a diet.

Nutritionists believe that puree soups or soups with milk are enemies of a slimming diet: these dishes are quite fatty and can contain more than 300 calories per serving. Incidentally, these soups are often accompanied by crackers or toasts, which do not increase their dieting properties.

4. Salads

Salads, oddly enough, can pose a threat to your figure. Some studies show that the women, who eat a lot of vegetables every day, get about 60% of daily fat just with salad dressings. If you add generous portions of vegetable oil (which is really very useful if you consume it sensibly) into the traditional salad with cucumbers and tomatoes, do not be surprised when you get a fat roll on your belly.

5. Dried fruits

Seeds do not contain water, which makes them very dense and high-calorie. Despite their usefulness, raisins, dried apples, apricots etc. may be a sort of “a calorie bomb” for the body. They must be eaten in a very limited quantity.

6. Nuts

Nuts are a super-healthy food, a great source of protein and vitamins. But only if you eat no more than a few nuts a day (sometimes it is enough to eat two to three nuts a day). If you eat nuts while watching TV, you will eat a lot more, and the body will get a completely unnecessary portion of fats that are contained there in abundance.

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