Smooth Shaving Tips Every Woman Should Know

Many women prefer a relatively hairless body. However, it is not always possible to go to the salon for waxing. Due to this very reason, it is a great idea to shave. It is also essential to understand the safest way to shave. There are a few ways in which you can shave in a completely smooth manner. Instead of just haphazardly shaving or doing so in a quick manner, it is a good idea to follow a few tips. We will now highlight a few smooth shaving tips every woman should know.

1. Start with exfoliation

Most women might not know this, but exfoliation can help you have a smooth shaving experience. When you exfoliate your skin before shaving, you can remove all the dead skin cells. It means that they will not clog up your razor. You can also get a scrub done, which ensures that you can remove the dust and contaminants altogether. It will help you get the shaving done in no time. Due to the lack of dead skin cells and other pollutants, the shaving experience will be entirely smooth.

That is why, instead of directly starting with the shaving, it is a much better idea to exfoliate your skin first. It will help you have a completely relaxing experience.

2. Shave according to your skin

Many women have the habit of shaving their legs in an upward direction. Shaving in the upward direction is entirely fine as long as you have normal skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to go downwards first and then upwards. It will ensure that when you go upwards, most of the hairs are already shaved. It will help you avoid the irritation of your skin when you opt for this method.

3. Do not go sideways

While depending on your skin, you can either shave upwards or downwards, but you need to understand that going sideways is a no-no. You have to avoid it at all cost. It will cost cuts and bleeding. It will make the shaving experience very painful and dangerous for you. Due to this very reason, you should avoid sideways shaving at all cost.

Irrespective of the razor which your use or the hair growth you have, you must avoid shaving sideways always.

4. Avoid the wounds

If you have any wounds, scars, injuries, or inflammation on your skin, you have to avoid shaving in that area. The problem is that when you shave in that area, it can easily cause bleeding or aggravate the injury further. It can result in unnecessary complications. Similarly, when having inflamed skin, due to shaving; the inflammation of the skin can increase. Hence; if you’re suffering from any of these problems, it is better to avoid that area. If it is necessary to shave that area, you have to wait for the problem to subside and then go for shaving.

5. Get the right razor

The most important tip, which you need to follow to have a smooth shaving experience is to get the right razor. If you do not choose the right one, there will be an unnecessary pulling of hair which can irritate your skin and also cause some pain. Instead of comparing every option which you come across, it is better to go with this chic safety razor which is designed to reduce any discomfort. Once you go with the specialized razor which consists of a maximum number of blades, you can be sure that it is easy to have a smooth shaving experience. It will allow you to not only save time, but reduce any pain or discomfort while shaving.

A few things which you should look for in a razor for shaving include:

  • Number of blades
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Size of the razor
  • Versatility

Once you consider these few factors, it becomes effortless for you to choose the right razor. It will also help you get the shaving done in no time. Instead of experimenting with the razors, once you consider these few factors, it becomes easy to pick the right one.

6. Opt for short strokes

If you’re in a hurry, you should avoid shaving. Shaving requires you to stay patient. You have to always opt for short strokes. It is especially true for delicate areas like knees. You have to ensure that you use short strokes to avoid any injury or bleeding. It will also help you remove maximum hair. You will not have to worry about redoing the areas if you use short strokes. It is also difficult to miss any hair when using short strokes. When you opt for the short strokes, you can get these numerous benefits which will help you make shaving experience much smoother.

7. Use moisturizing strips

After shaving your skin, it is always a good idea to moisturize it. You can use moisturizing strips for the purpose. It will soothe down any inflammation or irritation in your skin. Also, it can reduce the redness if any. Instead of buying the moisturizing strips separately, it is advisable to choose a razor which comes with the moisturizing strips. It will help you get the moisturized skin right away.

8. Avoid the soap

Many women use soap to clean the area after shaving. You need to, remember that soap can easily rub off the skin moisture. It will increase irritation and other problems. It is better to avoid soap and use a body wash for the purpose. If you want to use soap anyway, there are lathering soaps available specifically for shaving. These will ensure that the moisture in your skin remains intact during the process. These are also suitable for sensitive skin so that all women can use them quite easily. In a nutshell, you always have to avoid washing the area with generic soap. You must use a body wash or lathering soaps specially made for the purpose.

Pro Tip:

It is advisable to check the ingredients of the body wash or the soap which you are buying. If they are harsh and are not natural, you must avoid using that soap.

So, if you want to have a smooth shaving experience, instead of just haphazardly shaving your hair, you must follow these simple tips. With these simple tips, you can ensure that there is no irritation or inflammation of the skin after shaving. You can have that perfect shaving experience by following our guide above.