Heavy Metals Found in Cosmetics

It often seems that the elements of Mendeleev’s periodic system of chemical elements, such as lead, arsenic and cadmium, are more like a poisonous mixture, and not the components of popular cosmetics. But a new study conducted in Canada showed that these toxic heavy metals were found in forty-nine popular cosmetic products tested, and none of them contained any information on the package.

Makeup products

The researchers tested forty-nine cosmetic products manufactured by several popular brands worldwide, and found that 100% of them had nickel in their composition, 96% – lead, and beryllium was discovered in 90% cases. The heavy metals found in the products that until recently had been considered well-studied and safe, were categorized as accidental contaminants. They may not be indicated on the packages, and it astonishes those who think that such information should be given first.

The members of the Organization for Safe Cosmetics claim that the level of impurities is regulated in Canada by allowing a small amount of them in cosmetic products, whereas in the United States there are no standards for these metals in cosmetics. As reported by scientists, occasional exposure to these metals in small quantities is unlikely to cause damage, but heavy metals can be accumulated in the female body for a long time and may increase the risk of many health problems.

Thus, it is important for women to be sure what makeup they use, and ignoring this rule can jeopardize their health.

Source of the image: Photl.