Freeze Your Fat: Everything You Need to Know About Coolsculpting

Figuring out how to manage those problem areas on our bodies has been a modern endeavor for some time now, and coolsculpting may be the answer. Learn more here.

So you’ve worked for months, running, lifting weights, doing sit-ups, running some more, eating loads of broccoli–but you still haven’t managed to work off those few extra-stubborn pouches of fat on your body. Annoying.

Unrelenting areas of fat on the thighs, hips, chin, and lower abdomen have plagued humankind for thousands of years. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to freeze the stuff away, flattening and toning your body once and for all?

Surprise! There is!

Coolsculpting is a noninvasive body sculpting treatment that provides patients with permanent slimming results–and it works by quite literally freezing the fat away!

If you’ve struggled for some time with your body’s fatty problem areas and you’d like to see that chub vanish, Coolsculpting might be the solution you need. For more information, grab a warm blanket and dive into these cool details!

Um, What is Coolsculpting?

What is Coolsculpting, you say? Why, it’s only the #1 noninvasive body sculpting treatment on the planet!

Used to target those stubborn areas on the body where the fat won’t quit, no matter how many sit-ups you do, Coolsculpting is a procedure that’s been performed on millions of people worldwide. It’s the most widely-studied and administered noninvasive body sculpting treatment on the market. So say “bye-bye” to that little pooch below your belly button!

The treatment is administered using an FDA-approved Coolsculpting device which is applied to the problem area. The device uses deep-penetrating cold to destroy fat cells in the targeted area.

How Does it Work?

Coolsculpting works using an applicator, which attaches to the treatment site. The applicator leads back to the Coolsculpting device itself. Depending on the area in question and its “pinch-ability,” the device may suction to the skin to allow for full coverage.

Over the course of about 25 minutes, deep cooling technology is administered to the site, freezing any fat cells present. The fat cells are crystallized, which damages them irreparably. Following the treatment itself, the problem area is massaged vigorously, or, in some cases, exposed to radiowaves–both of which serve to break up the fat cells and make them more susceptible to resorption.

In the following weeks, the damaged fat cells are metabolized and resorbed, then excreted through patients’ urine. It takes about 3 months for total results to manifest, and once they have, patients can expect to see 20% less fat in the treated areas.

Are There Risks?

The fact that Coolsculpting is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment means it’s pretty low-risk. It doesn’t require anesthesia or other sedation, so the risks that do exist are minor and usually contained to the treated areas.

With Coolsculpting, there’s no downtime for recovery. The major risks patients undergo when receiving Coolsculpting treatments are actually pretty minor. They include temporary redness in the treated area, swelling, bruising, numbness, and tenderness. Some patients also experience sensitivity or tingling in the area following their treatments.

Although the risks associated with Coolsculpting are minor, it’s important to talk about them with your doctor prior to your own treatment.

How Should I Prepare?

Since Coolsculpting is a non-invasive treatment and not technically a “surgery.” So you won’t need to fast or drink a nasty laxative solution the night before. Yay! The other good news is that you don’t need to brace yourself for pain or discomfort, as most patients experience virtually none!

First, it’s important to recognize that Coolsculpting is not a magical weight loss tool. The treatment means to supplement a healthy diet and exercise routine–not to replace these. You can prepare for your Coolsculpting treatment by maintaining a steady diet and exercise plan. You should work to lose all the weight you can manage in traditional healthy ways. Then, you can prepare to target those stubborn areas that just won’t budge.

You can also prepare for your Coolsculpting treatment by doing your research and finding a suitable clinic in your area. The clinic you choose should be certified and credible, like this company, and you should feel comfortable with the clinic’s doctors and history.

How Much Will it Cost?

The total cost of Coolsculpting treatments will vary depending on several factors. These include the patient, the region and clinic in which the treatment is performed, and how many areas are being treated.

Depending on your sculpting goals, your fat may be trimmed satisfactorily after just 1 treatment, or it may take closer to 3 or 5 treatments. Communicating your goals with your doctor is a good way to determine ahead of time just how many treatments you may need. It can also help you anticipate your overall cost.

In general, a single Coolsculpting treatment might cost between $2000 and $4000, though several factors influence how much you’ll pay.

Will My Results Last?

The good news is that, although the initial cost may seem steep, with continued diet and exercise, your results will be permanent. Think of it as an investment!

The interesting thing about fat cells is that after the completion of puberty, your body stops creating new fat cells. Once you’re about 18 or so, you might gain weight, but you’re not acquiring new fat cells; your existing ones are just expanding.

So when Coolsculpting targets and destroys fat cells so your body can excrete them, those fat cells are never coming back. You’re left with 20 to 25% less fat cells in your body as a whole–which means your Coolsculpting result will, ideally, be totally permanent!

It’s still possible, of course, to gain weight back after you’ve received Coolsculpting treatments. But the procedure makes keeping fat off of those stubborn areas much less of a headache. With a consistent diet and regular exercise, your results will remain.

Where Can I Get More Info on Coolsculpting?

The science behind Coolsculpting is equally fascinating as the procedure’s results are satisfying! In the years since its first treatments, Coolsculpting has become even more effective and efficient. We don’t blame you one bit for considering Coolsculpting as the final solution for your stubborn areas of fat!

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