Butt Augmentation Kills Women

Venezuela is considered the birthplace of the most beautiful women in the world, as the representatives of this country often win beauty contests. But in order to comply with this title, local residents take deadly risks.


Why Are Women from Venezuela the Most Beautiful?

Guinness World Records recently confirmed that Venezuela is the leader in the number of titles won in beauty pageants. In this country, the beauty industry is estimated at $ 2.9 billion, second only to the turnover from crude oil. A local woman, not endowed with dazzling appearance, should not despair – there is a vast network of beauty clinics in the country, and plastic surgery services are very inexpensive.

How Do Venezuelan Women Maintain Their Beauty?

That is why plastic surgery in Venezuela is now done in almost every village. Ladies make themselves new breasts and buttocks, they drink a special syrup to induce vomiting and lose weight, stick plastics in their tongues, so that eating solid food becomes something very painful and unpleasant. And the latest fashion among 15-year-old girls became deadly.

Buttocks Augmentation Has Become Popular Among Teenagers

Growing beauties became addicted to the injections of biopolymers for buttocks augmentation, making themselves a birthday present. This trend is killing more and more young women living in Venezuela. This liquid silicone is deadly, and you can be sentenced for 2 years in jail for trading it in the country. Yet women are finding ways to get the biopolymers to either inject them into their buttocks themselves, or go to any salon where the service is estimated at $8.

Butt Injections Victims

Over the past 12 months, 17 girls passed away after buttocks augmentation. According to the President of the Venezuelan Plastic Surgeons Association Dr. Jesús Pereira, more than 30 % of all Venezuelan women residents aged 18 to 50 augmented their buttocks hoping to thereby increase their attractiveness in the eyes of the local men. Each month, 2,000 patients inject biopolymers into the buttocks, putting their lives in danger.

Butt Injections Consequences

Injections take 20 minutes, but the substance introduced into the body can never be fully withdrawn, according to Dr. Pereira. The probability of complications is 100 % ! They can occur in 4 days, or in 20 years, but the woman will get sick anyway.