6 Interesting Facts about Household Chemicals

Today we would like to share with you some interesting information about shampoos, soap, powder, and other household products.


  1. Shampoo composition does not differ much from the shower gel, so they can easily replace each other.
  2. The producing country is an important indicator of quality. In developing countries, cheaper ingredients are used in smaller quantities (the rest is water). In the EU, production is under greater scrutiny; quality standards are stricter in Europe and America. In other words, more expensive and dense shampoo is made for the EU than, for example, for the market of Russia. Buy what is produced in Europe for a European company.
  3. Read the labels. The composition is given according to the descending ingredient mass. For example, if it is written: “Ingredients: water, soda, salt… some strange words… grapeseed oil”, it means that 99% of your shampoo is made of water. It contains grapeseed oil, but in the form of three drops per megaton barrel. If the description of your favorite hand cream begins with the words “vaseline, paraffin,” throw it away and buy a jar of vaseline instead. The product is unlikely to contain anything else except these two ingredients and a couple of fragrances encoded in Latin names. However sad it may sound, LUSH bath bombs contain 99.9% of soda, so their production cost is about 30 cents (and the price is $10). There are a couple of drops of essential oils and perfumes, but it is easier to make such bath bombs on your own.
  4. Any detergent contains 80% of the ballast to please the buyer with a big box. And by the way, those little blue and red particles in the washing powder are ballast too, and not some mythical active substances. Buy liquid concentrates, which will help you spare money and will not be as harmful to the environment as powders. The latter can be dumped into water supplies and demolish the ecosystem.
  5. Conditioners for colored and white clothes are identical in their chemical composition. The only thing that makes them different is labels.
  6. The biggest deception is that washing machines can breakdown because of limescale, and that is the reason to buy Calgon. Do not believe it! Washing machines do not break because of it, and Calgon detergent is no different from others.