How Men Changed Paris Hilton's Body

Looking back at her first 30 years, Paris Hilton is ready to admit she neglected proper dieting in a whirl of chasing fun.

Paris Hilton

Being a great one for partying, Hilton was so much into going out and dancing with her friends that she didn’t give a though to eating at all, getting along on some fast food whenever she felt hungry and washing it down with buckets of coffee and Red Bull. Predictably, Hilton, who stands 5’8”, wasted herself away and last year barely registered 105 pounds and didn’t buy anything larger than size zero.

Her thoughtful mom Kathy tried to remonstrate telling her that she was abnormally skinny and didn’t look her best, but the busy socialite wasn’t taking heed, like it was the most natural thing in Hollywood to be as skinny as you can be.

It took the efforts of Hilton’s boyfriend Cy Waits to get Hilton into a better shape. Waits, entrepreneur and nightclub owner, who became the socialite’s date after she had split with Doug Reinhardt last summer, is mindful of what he eats. He took it upon himself to educate Hilton.

These days she knows what kinds of food are healthy and watches documentaries on dieting on a regular basis. “Now I only eat organic foods when we’re at home,” Hilton shares.

As a result, she swelled out into a comfy 125 lbs; by December some paparazzi suspected pregnancy, and rumors started to circulate.

People tend to call someone fat as soon as they gained a few extra pounds, complained Hilton. “It’s not fair that it’s like that.” She adds that she is happy about her weight and feels completely healthy, “making smart choices.”

Hilton’s weight is down to 115 lbs these days, she jogs regularly with Waits and is supervised by a nutritionist. Her show The World According to Paris comes on Wednesdays on Oxygen.

Source of the image: Super-seo.