Diem Brown Has Ovarian Cancer Relapse

The Challenge star Diem Brown knows first-hand what challenge is. She has recently learned that her cancer is back.

Diem Brown

She shared the sad news on Tuesday as soon as she learned from her doctor that she had cancer again – the news the more devastating since she hadn’t expected it. She went on to urge everyone to undergo internal ultrasounds yearly.

Brown’s first ovarian cancer diagnosis dates back to when she turned 22, and now she is 29, and suffering a second attack. But she is not overwhelmed by the onset. “I know I will be fine I beat Cancer once and I’m going do it again!” she wants her fans to know.

Brown feels strong due to her firm belief that nothing happens but with God’s reason behind it. She also writes that she is ready for anything – and helps other people get ready via MedGift.

MedGift, a charity organization founded by Brown, was set to provide gifts for the sick. It is available to all kinds of patients, including road accident victims and shoot-out casualties; they are free to list their hospital bills or ask for anything beginning with wheelchairs and ending with necessary foods or cosmetic products.

Describing the charity service to Fox News in February, the MTV star added that friends, relatives and colleagues can select any of their patient’s items without asking for it. The idea was for MedGift to become a mainstream service, “so the second someone has a medical misfortune,” explains Brown, “they know where to turn.”

Once again the cancer fighter tweeted on May 14, urging everyone get internal ultrasounds – and not be scared of possible results, but pray for the best!

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