Celebrities Suffering from Bipolar Disorder

Fortunately, not a very wide-spread illness, bipolar disorder is nevertheless a grave mental issue that can spring up everywhere and anywhere, and if you are a celebrity, it in no way makes you immune. Some of them are actually deep in the problem. Learn more about bipolar disorder and its symptoms here.

Kanye West

West was noticed behaving recklessly back in 2009 when he broke through Taylor Swift’s performance at VMAs. Seven years later he retreated to the hospital to treat his “exhaustion” which was actually something worse. He let it drop on his eighth album which included the phrase “I hate being Bi-Polar,” probably overwhelmed by the desire to share the knowledge.

Yet his attitude to his grievous state is not so simple as that, for he evolved to join those advocating for better understanding of mental illnesses and the afflicted people. Last year he opened up, saying that he had been diagnosed in 2017 and when he had, it all had seemed like an incredible conspiracy.

Mariah Carey

Although the Songbird Supreme has been definitely diagnosed with the condition since 2001, as she revealed in an interview with the People magazine, she had been denying that something was wrong with her years and years before. But when she had come through a chain of professional issues and romantic situations, she found she needed help. She surrounded herself with positive friends and got immersed in composing and recording.

Mel Gibson

The Mad Max star told in a documentary about his struggle with bipolar disorder in 2008. Having gained a reputation as an action-movie protagonist, Gibson went in for producing, screenwriting and directing, pocketing the Best Director Academy Award and Golden Globe. He was acclaimed as the “sexiest man alive” in the 1980s by the People magazine. He also hit the headlines as he came in conflict with a police officer who participated in his arrest for driving under influence in 2006 and was charged with domestic abuse in 2012 to which he pleaded no contest.

Demi Lovato

Lovato started off in an impressive way in the Disney Channel‘s Camp Rock, proceeding to a sequel, and to Sonny With A Chance. The next thing that came up was that in 2010 she had problems with addiction and self-harm and enrolled in a clinic for treatment. While undergoing medical care she found out it was bipolar disorder she labored under. In 2012 there was an MTV documentary dealing with Lovato’s condition and her attempts to live it down.

Marilyn Monroe

Considering her vast popularity, it is surprising how many mysteries in Monroe’s life remained unsolved. They still attract a lot of attention, and in 2001 the documentary Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days attempted to get a glimpse of the great actress‘ drugs and mental health induced problems.

In the movie, Monroe’s physician, Hyman Engelberg, MD, was outspoken about her manic depressive condition. She did have violent mood swings that caused a lot of emotional issues that wrought havoc in her life.


Former Police voice and an outstanding recording artist in his own right, Sting, has been having bipolar disorder problems for nearly all his professional lifespan. Even at the time when he gained fame as the songwriter for the Police, he was unbalanced to the point of having suicidal tendencies. He doesn’t make a secret of his worries and works to increase understanding of the disease.

Selena Gomez

As the 28-year-old actress-cum-singer told Miley Cyrus last spring, while she was getting professional help for anxiety and depression, it was discovered she had bipolar disorder. Gomez came out with the information on “Bright Minded,”Cyrus’s Live show on Instagram.

The former Woman of the Year used to struggle with various trying conditions before arriving at the truth that it all boiled down to being bipolar. As soon as she was brought to recognize it for what it really is, she felt better and says that she was able to put her fears behind her.

Kurt Cobain

The fabulous Nirvana frontman’s bipolar problems grew out of attention deficit disorder which he had from childhood. No treatment was ever forthcoming, which resulted in a sad ending. The group’s success failed to balance his depressive bouts, and in 1994 he put an end to his life at a very early age of 27.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Zeta-Jones is a true star, having at least 15 awards to show for herself, including a Tony Award for onstage performance, with a recent nomination for Women’s Image Award. Her marriage to Michael Douglas, lasting for 20 years already, brought her stress, though: Douglas‘s tongue cancer struggles made her depressive. Finally, she found herself diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme has been leading a rather tumultous life, embracing four marriages, all of which turned sour, including a charge of spousal abuse. He was addicted to cocaine and taken in for driving under influence. Probably most of his destructive behavior was due to rapid-cycling bipolar disorder that he was found to be suffering from.

Frank Sinatra

Starting off at teenage, Sinatra never looked back. He remains to be one of the most popular artists of his time; he sold records by the million, earned an Academy Award for his movie work, and was the name and face of Las Vegas. He was known to charities as a generous donator. But in his offstage life, he was known for a highly unstable temper, especially when inebriated.

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