Are Protein Shakes Good for You?

Protein shakes are dietary supplements made from nutritious fruits and vegetables. These ingredients are often regarded to be rich in proteins. In other words, a protein shake is a blend of fruits and vegetables rich in proteins. Small amounts of water may be added to the viscous blend to make them less thick.

Many uninformed people mistakenly consider protein shakes to be analogous steroids. This means that they take the shakes to be a sole preserve for the bodybuilders. However, proteins shakes are the best and most efficient form of nutrition for anyone that is rich in proteins.

According to a recent documentary released by BBC, nutritionists have found out that using protein as a work out supplement aids to build and repair muscles. Furthermore, protein shakes enhance the preservation of muscle mass.

Proteins are responsible for ensuring growth and development of tissues in our bodies. Without proteins, our bodies cannot be able to combine the structures that comprise a cell. Science has proven that cells need to have ample amounts of protein in order to generate enough biochemical substances required for growth, healing, effective cardiovascular functions and muscle contractions.

Health importance of protein shakes

Too many people ask whether protein shakes are important to our bodies. This part elaborates some of the healthy remedies of protein shakes in our bodies.

  1. Improved immunity. Proteins help in reduction of glutathione levels and thus ensuring a healthy impact on our nervous and immune systems.
  2. Reduction of hunger. According to research, a person who takes an average of 50 grams of protein can reduce levels of the ghrelin hormone. This hormone is the one that tells the brains when one is hungry. The intake of proteins can reduce hunger for at least 4 hours.
  3. Intensifying the cutback of fat. Intake of around 50g of proteins burns almost 500 calories in our bodies. This is a healthy and better way of eliminating fat from our bodies.

Factors to consider when purchasing a blender for protein shakes

Are you tired of having to mix protein shakes in a regular bottle? Getting the right blender to create smooth protein drinks will no longer be a big hustle. Recent technology has delivered a wide variety of best blender for protein shakes.

To ensure that you get the best protein shakes, ensure you have the best quality blender. The following are features to look for in a protein shake blender before purchasing.

Size of the container

The amount of protein shake you desire propels you to purchase a blender with the right capacity. If one desires a small basic amount of protein shake, it would be prudent to choose a small and less expensive blender.

The Motor Power

Sometimes, one may be interested in mixing a variety of ingredients. Some of these ingredients are hard and may even be blended with their peels to make them more nutritious. These type of ingredients require a powerful motor which can properly grid and stir the container components. Most blenders have a motor power that ranges from 200 to 1000 watts. For protein shakes comprising of ingredients like vegetables, a higher motor power is required.

Availability of accessories

For every electronic device, the availability of spare parts should be a factor to consider before purchase. For a blender, parts such as extra containers or spare blades can serve as accessories.

Ease of cleaning

Blenders develop an awful smell if a thorough cleaning is not done to the container and blades. In order to have these two parts cleaned properly, one can put water and a cleaning cloth then use the automatic blend option for a ‘self-cleaning’ process.

In conclusion, you should try out proteins shakes and acknowledge their health impact. However, ensure you have the most favorable blender that matches your needs.

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