How to Choose a Yoga Mattress

Yoga is one of the six Hindu philosophies that emphasize the activity of meditation, focusing the mind to control the five senses and the body as a whole. Today, yoga is becoming a very popular sport in many countries, especially in the Western world. Various circles make this exercise as an alternative to stay healthy and look excellent. Doing yoga is the style of the present time even though this exercise is based on an ancient exercise routine that has been practiced for thousands of years.

To do yoga well then you should be able to obtain a high level of concentration. Tranquility is the main thing that all practitioners must possess. This should also be offset by the conditions under which yoga room is free of a variety of disorders, especially sound-based disturbances.

Just like any other exercise, yoga also needs some equipment. The most important thing is the mattress. The selection of yoga mats can’t be done carelessly. Yoga has a high degree of injury so that the yoga mat’s specifications should be made in top quality. There are at least some points to watch out for before you buy a yoga mat. Ignoring just one of the points below will only lead you to buy a bad mattress.

The materials

One of the ideal materials for making a yoga mat is Thermoplastic Elastomeric (TPE). This material is 100 percent free of mixture toxic and free of chloride material. This will make it easier for you to maintain cleanliness because it is not easy to absorb water. Avoid yoga mats made of toxic materials such as PVC coating. Some reports suggest that PVC coating has caused some skin health problems.

Thickness of the mat

Yoga has a variety of movements and positions, not just standing and sitting position. When you are in a standing position, a thin mattress is not a problem for you, but if you do other moves like handstand, you need a comfortable mattress. You can find a mattress with an ideal thickness of 6 mm. Then how to check the thickness? Use your thumb, and then press the mat. You can feel the level of thickness by using your thumb.


The most preferred thing on a yoga mat is anti-slip. This is to facilitate the yoga movement that focuses on the balance of the body. Yoga mattresses with slippery surfaces can increase the risk of injury. Of course, those mattresses are not recommended.

Where should you buy?

Of course, you should buy your yoga equipment only in the best Yoga Shop. Especially if you buy online, you may have to do your own investigation. You should seek advice from your family and friends (if they have also done yoga exercises). However, by looking at the various reviews on the Internet, you will get more!

Still not sure where to buy your yoga equipment? We can advise you to choose Ana Heart as one of the best sources for getting yoga supplies and accessories.

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