Women Prefer Doctor Google


A survey conducted in Britain showed that one in four women in this country prefers to decide upon the diagnosis on their own, without addressing the doctor for help. Even before the creation of Obama care in the United States, a large chunk of American citizens— both women and men — took to the web to “self-diagnose.” The real question here…can we trust you, “Doctor Google“?

The scientists, who conducted the survey, claim that setting an incorrect diagnosis entails the purchase of inefficient and often even harmful drugs that can cause unpleasant side effects. And this is actually true. The cases, when women suffer from their own “medical wit”, are quite often (one in ten women practice self-treatment), and then they come to see a specialist with the request not only to cure the disease, but the consequences of self-medication as well.

The survey also showed that one in ten women do not discuss their problems in the family, because they “do not want a fuss.” Every third woman spends at least two weeks in a close company with her medical problem before seeking advice. One out of twenty does not seek medical attention and waits for at least a year, hoping that “the problem may disappear.”

The list of the most common symptoms that British women are trying to get rid of by themselves include sleep disturbances, headache, depression, muscle pain, itching, and fatigue. Every fifth of the respondents suspected having quite serious diseases, such as breast cancer, and did not go to a medical center to be diagnosed. Many respondents (as it turned out later) failed to diagnose a yeast infection, high blood pressure, and asthma.