Women: Better Blind than Obese


Shocking news: for the sake of a harmonious and slim figure women are ready to give up a lot, even get blind. As the scientists have discovered, every sixth participant of the questionnaire could venture to have such sacrifices.

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In addition, one of the four respondents would prefer depression to obesity. In total, more than 100 women participated in the experiment and were asked to choose between obesity and 12 other diseases.

Such disorders as alcoholism and herpes were also popular and were treated by the respondents more favourably than obesity. As the author of the research, professor Daniel Hruschka from Arizona State University, explained, on average every fourth female resident of the United States is overweight. Moreover, it has been revealed that the appearing of excessive weight is significantly affected by the environment of the girl, the physique of her close relatives and friends in particular.

An additional poll of 812 people, who are the respondents’ dears and nears, has shown that if they are obese, the probability of extra kilos gained by the girls themselves increases considerably due to the wrong diet and low degree of physical activity. Thus, Dr. Hruschka emphasizes that the so-called common ideas, typical of various social groups, should receive special attention while struggling with obesity, the merits of which have been equated to the epidemic.

Source of the image: Photl.