Veins and Arteries Can Be Grown Artificially


Cultivation of veins and arteries is a real breakthrough and a great promise for treating many serious diseases.

The researchers from Cambridge University have managed to create three main types of cells in their laboratory, and these cells are responsible for the growth of blood vessels. The work had been conducted for over four years. The skin cells of volunteer patients were used for the production of synthetic types of vascular smooth muscle cells.

In their report published in the Nature Biotechnology journal, the scientists claim that the tests of the new technology have proved its 90% efficacy. It is supposedly suitable for the manufacturing of vessels for commercial purposes.

Medical experts have welcomed the big news because they now have new perspectives for the treatment of diseases, such as myocardial infarction and stroke. The scientists could create blood vessels for surgeons in the laboratory, so that they would use them in transplants and would not conduct risky heart surgeries. The blood vessels, grown in vitro, could be used to treat the patients with renal dialysis or the patients with severe traumas.