Tips On How To Avoid Sore Throat In The Summer


Hot summer is in full swing, and grocery store shelves are full with vitamin rich vegetables and fruits. It seems we should feel good and healthy, but all of a sudden you’ve caught a cold. Actually, catching cold in the summer is quite common thing. How can you avoid it?

Iced beverages

The major reason for summer colds is weak immune system. But, unlike winter season when our immune system gets weaker because of low temperatures, in the summer season our immune system suffers from the sun exposure (tan strikes the immune system too).

Air Conditioner and sore throat

You can catch a cold by simply being exposed to air conditioner. Being exposed to air conditioner is the same thing as sitting at an open window in winter with wind blowing in. If you don’t have an air conditioner in a car, you would drive with windows open. These fluctuations in the temperature can actually trigger sore throat.

Use Air Conditioner In Summer Carefully

We all know that it is not recommended to sit right under or in front of the working air conditioner. But sometimes you just can’t change your position. Especially when you drive in your car. So it’s important to prevent your car from heating too much on the parking lot. Invest in a special light-reflecting screen to cover your windshield. After you’ve started engine, switch your air conditioner on and leave the car for a few minutes. As you get in you can adjust air conditioner for warmer temperature. Anyway, make sure air pipes point upwards, to the sides, or downward, instead of blowing air at your face or chest.

How To Prevent Sore Throat In The Summer

You better drink iced beverages by little sips instead of pumping it in with a straw. When you sip your beverage it gets into your mouth first and gets warm there and then goes down your throat. Having citrus fruits, honey, milk with mineral water is the simplest cure to the onset of sore throat.
Walk barefoot in hot sand or rocks (on the beach) or warm meadows in the forest or mountains.

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