Sexual Addiction Officially Recognized As Disease


Sexual addiction, or sexual compulsivity, has been recently entered to the official disease reference book for the first time in the history of medicine. A recent issue of Heath Magazine features an article by a group of British psychologists who claim that the main reason behind sexual addiction is the fear of building close and healthy relationship.

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Experts say that a sex addict is driven by the unconscious attitude that one of the partners will cheat and decides to be the cheater.

Paradoxically, psychologists conclude that a typical sex addict is a neurotic, and people affected with a neurosis use sex to cope with their anxiety. The article says that the constant search for new sexual partners is a way to escape from reality and negative emotions that haunt a sex addict. People affected with sex addiction also change partners in an attempt to prove they are needed and attractive.

Psychologists emphasize that, typically, sex addicts are people who suffer from loneliness, unable to build a close relationship with anyone. So, according to the authors of Health article, sex addicts need psychological help first. More and more sexual addiction treatment programs emerge these days.

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