Scientists Are Developing a Radiation Drug


The researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have synthesized substances that neutralize the effects of actinides and radioactive chemical elements that pose the greatest threat to the organism.

These magical compounds were hydroxypyridine ligands – tetradentat and oktadentat, which form four and eight chemical bonds with the actinides respectively. Ligands create complex molecules out of such dangerous to humans actinides as uranium, neptunium, americium, plutonium and curium, reports.

The resulting compounds have high selectivity and efficiency, as well as an unmatched affinity for actinides.

Scientists have conducted extensive studies of the drugs on animal and human cells. The results of preclinical trials have shown that the substance is non-toxic and may be used orally or in the pill form. This is important because in this case the drug does not need to be injected intravenously and can be quickly distributed among a large number of people, who happen to be in the infected region.

Depending on the level of radiation and the timing of therapy, one of the ligands can remove about 90% of the radioactive elements within 24 hours. The experts clarify that a single pill taken orally every day and for two weeks should be enough to remove virtually all actinides.

The study of the obtained ligands is continued. In the near future, the doctors are going to conduct clinical trials of radiation drugs on humans.