Plaster to Treat Nut Allergy


French scientists have suggested treating allergy to peanuts by using plaster. The new treatment was developed by Pierre-Henri Benhamou and Christophe Dupont.


At present time, desensitization (reduced sensitivity) of the body to allergens is used to treat different types of allergy. With this approach, small doses of substances that cause allergies are regularly introduced into the patient’s blood. Gradually, the immune system “gets used” to the effects of the allergen and causes no excessive reaction as it enters the body.

Created by the French scientists, the plaster contains peanut allergens, which after the application of small doses penetrates the skin. According to the developers, this method of application, unlike injections, is able to reduce the risk of severe allergic reactions, whose most terrible case is an anaphylactic shock. The tests aimed at evaluating the safety of a new plaster have started in the U.S. and Europe.

During the next stage of the research, the scientists intend to determine the dose of allergens which will be contained in one plaster and the time of its use. Dupont believes that to prevent the development of an anaphylactic shock one will have to use tha plaster for about a year. According to the assumptions of the researchers, the medical product will be released onto the market in a matter of three to four years. In a similar way, the developers have suggested treating allergy with dairy products.

Source of the image: Photl.