Nature and Woman's Health


As the scientists have found, life in the countryside, among nature and greenery, can make women healthier, more sociable, more generous, and more peaceful if to compare with living in large cities.

Woman, nature

According to Professor Frances Kuo who studies the nature and human health, people living in the suburbs are more open, ready to help and have much higher standards of living than their urban counterparts. Professor Kuo believes that nature is needed for maintaining human health, and as soon as the human being loses green space, his/her health suffers greatly.

The professor also noted that spending time in the nature helps develop people’s cognitive functions, cultivate self-discipline, control their emotions, and enhance mental health. The study has shown that the environment affects post-operation recovery and helps maintain a higher level of physical activity, improve the functioning of the immune system and achieve normal glucose levels in blood in the case of diabetes.

Vice versa, the farther a woman is from nature, the more likely worsening of health can be, which results in the syndrome of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder and can raise anxiety level and cause clinical depression. It is worth noting that places with few green areas, also lead to the risk of childhood obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and even may increase mortality in both young and old age.

Source of the image: Photl.