Nail Problems and Health


It is very useful to do a manicure by yourself! Indeed, it is in this case you can see all the changes on your nails. A certain nail has become too yellow while the other has a strange spot … This is no accident!


Of course, health diagnosis is best done in specialized centers with the help of professionals. The following little signs will help draw attention to the problem.

Pale nails

With age, nails become paler, and it’s a fact that young people’s nails are much brighter than that of old people. But if you suddenly noticed that your nails have turned white within just a few weeks, then it could indicate problems such as anemia, heart disease or liver disease.

Yellow nails

Here, everything could be harmless, nails become yellowish due to frequent use of red lacquer. Otherwise, it may indicate the presence of fungal infections. But do not panic! Most fungi can be treated quite successfully.

Bluish tinge

Typically, such color indicates a problem with body intake of oxygen. Most often, this is caused by lung disease or diabetes. Truly, this can also be because your hands are cold. But constantly cold hands are also a symptom of many diseases, including diabetes. Therefore, watch out the temperature of your hands.

Small pits on the nails

More often, this is simply the result of minor injuries of the nail, but if such pits become too much, it could be a sign of psoriasis or arthritis.

Cracked and crumbling nails

If the nails peel, break or crack, this can be a very clear indication of thyroid disease. Test for such diseases is done quickly and painlessly, so do not worry, just check it out. And thank your nails they timely notified you.

Thick red cuticle

If the cuticle is red and swollen, it could mean some disorder of the connective tissue. But do not worry ahead of time because such cuticles may be the result of very rough removal of polish from the nail, which led to irritation. Just change your nail polish remover.

Blue-black or reddish-black lines under fingernails

This is a very serious symptom of such diseases as skin cancer or melanoma. You need to urgently see a doctor- find everything about melanoma.

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