What Kind of Music Is Healing?


Listening to MusicHealth benefits of music were known even in ancient time. About two millennia ago the Ancient Greek doctors cured sciatic patients with trumpet music and Democritus argued that many illnesses could be healed with flute music. A Scotch scientist Maxwell successfully cured people who suffered from epilepsy, mental illnesses, paralysis, dropsy, impotence and various sorts of fever by playing musical instruments. But why is musing so healing?

The Effect of Music on Health

Physiologically, the influence of music is based on the receptivity of central nervous system to acoustic impact. Namely, it responds the impulses commanded by sound-wave of required frequency. Our central nervous system reacts by enabling the secretion of biologically active substances that regulate the function of internal organs and systems.

The Reaction of the Body to Music

Choosing the right kind of music may promote the development of biological systems and even have a direct effect on various body functions and abilities. The sound-wave influences the central nervous system through impulse transmission, in other words, through a ‘command’ to balance the physiological parameters.

Music and Circulatory System

Not long ago researchers from the Maryland School of Medicine discovered that listening to one’s favorite music had a positive effect on functioning of circulatory system. The researchers carried out an experiment in which the group of 10 healthy volunteers listened to various kinds of music for several weeks and then was medically examined. It turned out that listening to one’s favorite melodies led to widening of blood vessels by 25% while listening to the music that caused discomfort led to 6% blood vessel narrowing.

What Music Styles Are Most Beneficial to Health?

The researches claim that listening to classic music and folk melodies is the most beneficial to our body. Pop music and dance rhythms have no positive effect. Hard rock is even harmful because it may lead to mental illnesses.

”Healthiest” Music

American researcher R. N. Singh compiled a list of classical musical pieces that help produce melatonin. The list includes the 2-nd movement of Piano Concerto by Beethoven, Laudate Dominum (Psalm 116) by Mozart, Moonlight by Debussy, 2-nd movement of Symphony No. 2 by Rachmaninoff, Romantic Pan Flute by Zamfir, Oboe Concerto by Vivaldi, Gregorian Psalms, Pope Marcellus’ Mass. Listening to music before going to bed is especially healthy.

Source of the image: flickr.com/photos/shankarmenon.