Music Cures High Blood Pressure


Woman Listening to Music in HeadphonesThere are many ways to treat hypertension – starting from medical method and herbal therapy and going all the way to homeopathy. In addition there is fundamentally new treatment for high blood pressure – music. Half-an-hour music sessions per day can easily replace pharmaceutical hypertonic treatments. This method was discussed at a scientific conference held in New-Orleans recently. Listening to music can essentially help people who suffer from high blood pressure. The effectiveness of this method was proven by a specifically held experiment.

48 people, ages 45-70, who suffer from hypertension participated in the research. 28 of them listened to classical, traditional Indian or Celtic music half-an-hour every day for the period of one month, they also practiced special breathing exercises. The other 20 people led regular lifestyle. According to the results, the participants of the “music” group experienced normalized blood pressure, while the rest of participants reported same hypertension state.

Therefore, it has been scientifically proven that music is the safest and the most effective non-pharmaceutical treatment, which can be a great side-treatment along with one’s regular therapy.


  1. That study demonstrated that music + breathing exercises lowers high blood pressure, not that music does. Given that deep breathing exercises have been shown to lower blood pressure anyway, there’s really no evidence here that music lowers blood pressure, unfortunately.

  2. I would believe that music would help with high blood pressure. When you are doing something you like you relax. Most people have high blood pressure because they are stressed out a lot.

  3. It seems to me, that any kind of music you like would have this effect. I agree with Holly, that most people are hypertensive due to stresses and music helps them relax and cures the disease at least in this way.

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