Maintaining a Thin Waist Prevents Ovarian Cancer


The researchers have found that fat deposits around the waist (known as the “apron”) provoke proliferation of ovarian cancer. In 80% of cases, the tumor manages to spread exactly into this “apron” (a fat deposit) by the time the disease is diagnosed.

Thin waist against cancer

The fat gland is located in the upper part of the abdomen, in the stomach area. It helps to support the organs. The increase of the fat gland is often accompanied by the growth of tumors. This conclusion has been made by the scientists from the University of Chicago, working under the supervision of Professor Ernst Lengyel after conducting an experiment on mice.

They took the ovarian cancer cells and injected them into the stomachs of healthy mice. In just 20 minutes, these cells reached the fat gland. It was found that the protein signals, emitted by the fat gland, attracted cancer cells. If to break the transmission of data signals, it will help reduce the attraction by at least 50%.

Moreover, having penetrated the fat gland, the cancer cells began to change, receiving nutrition from the fat cells. As a result, cancer developed. According to the researchers, a protein that binds fatty acids (FABP4) may play the key role in this process. The fact is that cancer cells produce a large concentration of FABP4 in the fat gland.

By means of blocking this protein, the transporting of nutrients from fat cells into cancer cells could be greatly reduced. The growth of the tumor would also be reduced as well as its ability to form new blood vessels.

Source of the image: Photl.