How to Fight Afternoon Apathy


It’s only afternoon but you feel worn out. Afternoon is the time of yawns, heavy eyelids, sluggish thoughts and leady tiredness filling your whole body, right? Between 2 and 3 p.m., our concentration declines drastically, yet, it’s the time we are in the midst of workflow. We lose interest in everything, and it seems that nothing can make us work when afternoon comes. Of course, you can look for flexible hours. But what about people who can’t enjoy that opportunity and have to work nine till five?

What about a Time-out?

For example, imagine a secretary explaining to her boss that she needs a kind of afternoon time-out so she can’t do the job whatever urgent it is. But things are not as bad as they seem. Here are some tips how to fight your afternoon apathy.

Get More Protein

We need more proteins because it’s what energizes our body. So eat more protein-rich food for breakfast. Yoghurt, milk, cheese, whole wheat bread and eggs will do the energizing job.

Tips for a Light Lunch

Have something light for lunch. Heavy food will only add to your tiredness. Go for a light salad with chicken breast or tuna.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Sugar at Lunch

Sweet-toothed should kick their habit of having a piece of cake or a chocolate bar at lunch time. Sugar containing foods boost the blood pressure, resulting in an instant invigorating effect. An hour later the blood pressure declines and so does your energy, which leads to poor concentration and performance.

Provide Your Body with Vitamins

To ward off afternoon apathy, you might take multivitamins at lunch.

Get Some Fresh Air

After a long day at work in the office, you body wants oxygen. Enjoy a little fresh air. After 10 minutes long walk, you’ll get a second wind. If you get a day-off, have an afternoon nap for half an hour. It might even make you more tired if your afternoon sleep is too long.