How to Distinguish Flu from the Common Cold?


How to Distinguish Flu from the Common Cold?In winter/fall season we catch the common cold more often than usually. A cold season is a period of flare-up of chronic diseases and flue epidemics. That’s why the great risk to catch virus emerges – for instance, in public transport, at college or at work. Flu and cold are the most frequent “guests” in our body in winter and autumn. And each requires a special treatment. Can we distinguish flu from ARD ourselves or only doctor can do this?

How Flu Starts

Flu always starts acutely and abruptly: with the sharp rise of body temperature (up to 38-39ºC) and without any concomitant signs such as running nose, cough and sore throat.

Flu and Toxicosis

The second difference is the strongest toxicosis. The sick have acute pains in muscles and joints, headaches, vomit and smarting eyes.

The Common Cold Symptoms

In case of cold or ARD the body temperature rises gradually and slightly – rarely higher then 37.5 degrees. Overall condition may be quite satisfactory. The common cold is unchangeably accompanied by coughs, running and bunged-up nose and irritable throat.