Healthy Food Tips: What to Eat this Fall?


Nutritionists know what foods help the body to remain active in a gloomy season. How can you enrich a child’s diet in the fall? Milk, all kinds of vegetables – raw or processed – are of great benefit in the fall. Do not forget about the vegetables, which prevent seasonal colds – garlic and onions. These products can provide the body with the missing trace elements and vitamins.


If you really want to eat

In fact, at this time of year, appetite makes itself felt too often. You should not tolerate a sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach – eat some fatty food. Give preference to oily sea fish, butter, and vegetable oil in all kinds of hot dishes.

Why am I so hungry in fall?

The body uses calories and starts absorbing its own resources – in this case, weight loss occurs. Those on a diet are, without a doubt, happy, but they find it difficult to cope with an unquenchable desire to eat. In this case, warm vegetable soups without flour frying help. Note: body expends more energy to digest a warm soup than a hot meal. Hence, there is less probability to put on weight. But you will be sated and suppress the feeling of hunger. Oat milk increases immunity – keep that in mind, too.

Salt Intake in fall

What should we eat to be healthy? Try to eat less salt. Salt keeps water in the body, and it can lead to edema. But all sorts of spices, herbs, and seasonings will be very useful. They help the body digest food faster, produce saliva, gastric juice, and bile.

Potatoes in the fall diet

Strange as it is, potatoes are especially useful in the fall, since at this time of the year they are minimally toxic. Besides, you begin to gain weight not only from potatoes, but from the food served with them. Mashed potatoes with a fatty sauce and a cutlet are a real bomb for the waist. It is better to serve potatoes with greenery and curds. According to nutritionists, these are the most appropriate and compatible foods.

Cabbage and other vegetables

Cabbage is very useful in all forms. It has few calories, but enough vitamins. Fresh fruits and vegetables help cope with hunger. Start eating sweet carrots. This will suppress appetite and the body will get vitamins and the necessary portion of fiber, which helps cleanse the intestines timely.

Persimmon instead of chocolate

Seasonal depression may occur in the fall. It is not necessary to gulp down chocolate in this state. In moments of acute desire to eat something sweet, it is better to replace a bar of chocolate with sweet persimmon.