Healthiest Countries List Revealed


There has been published the international rating of health, based on studies of diseases in various countries in 2010. On the list, the countries are ranked by the quality and length of life of their citizens.

Health Sector

Both categories have Japan on top of the list. The second place goes to men from Singapore. The third place belongs to Switzerland. The fourth and fifth places went to Spain and Italy. The sixth place is for men from Australia, followed by Canada, Andorra, Israel, and South Korea.

It should be noted that women from South Korea, unlike men, took the second place after Japanese women. The third place went to female residents of Spain. The fourth and fifth places belong to women from Singapore and Taiwan. They are followed by female citizens of Switzerland, Andorra, Italy, Australia and France.

The worst situation with men’s health is in Congo, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Central African Republic, Lesotho, Haiti, Swaziland, Chad, and Burkina Faso. Women with weak health live in Burundi, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, Central African Republic, and Liberia.