Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol


Absolute refusal from the use of alcohol increases the risk of cardio-vascular diseases. The report on this issue has been presented at the annual conference of the American Heart Association in Chicago.

Red wine and fruits

“According to the statistics, not to drink at all is even more harmful than drinking in small amounts,” the expert from women‘s cardiology at the Mayo Clinic Sharon Hayes says. Thus, the drinking men, who underwent coronary bypass surgery, had the 25% lower risk of heart attack than those who did not drink alcohol. Comparable statistics is also observed among women. The only difference is that they are generally less likely to suffer from heart diseases. Microdoses of alcohol strengthen the blood vessels, those of brain in particular, and prevent the early development of dementia, as the doctors have noticed.

However, in case of using more than 5 servings of alcohol the risk of illnesses and death from them increases. The doctors underline that women can drink one glass of red wine a day, and men – not more than two glasses. “Moderate use of alcohol can be called one of the keys to maintaining health throughout life,” Dr. Erin Mihos at Johns Hopkins University concludes.

However, this does not mean that non-drinkers should urgently and entirely review their attitude to alcohol. “If you do not drink, it’s better not to start”, Erin Mihos summarized.

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